Mountain Bike VS BMX


Mountain Bike VS BMX


Riding a bike is among the best ways to relax and exercise. In this post, we will compare z mountain bike vs BMX.  Do you want to know which bike is best for you? Worry no more because we will guide you. If you love cycling, you should know the best bike to ride to match your riding style. With that, you can get a quality bike that can provide you with more comfort while riding.

More importantly, you should also know how and where to ride your bike. If you love riding on hills, rough terrain, and mountains, a mountain bike could be the best for you. It is equipped with the best gear to provide you with a relaxing ride in nature.  


On the other hand, if you love riding on smooth and man-made tracks with obstacles and built-in jumps, you might prefer a BMX bike. With its high level of performance, you can enjoy thrilling tricks and jumps with your bike. A mountain bike is designed for off-road riding. It is best for rough terrain. A BMX bike is designed to ride in smooth areas and perform tricks and jumps.

Are you still not sure which bike is best for you? Don’t worry because we will reveal the difference between a mountain bike and a BMX bike. So, you can get the right bike for your specific needs. Moreover, you can also improve your bike riding skills while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.  

mountain bike vs BMX


BMX or Mountain Bike? Which is better?  


Both BMX and mountain bikes are better. It depends on where or how you want to ride a bike. Mountain bikes and BMX bikes both come with benefits. The BMX is better for extreme mobility, quick speed changes, and strength. Meanwhile, the mountain bike is designed for climbing, shock absorption, and dominating in different terrains.  


The main difference between the mountain bike and BMX is their design. If you want to ride long distances over rough natural terrain, a mountain bike is a better option. The BMX bike is made for a sprint around a short man-made track as well as smooth surfaces. Both types of bikes come with specific features and benefits. So, you can choose the one for your individual needs. Both bikes come in different styles, designs, and colors for a more customized experience.  

mountain bike vs BMX


Which is best for you? Mountain bike vs. BMX


Are you curious which is the best bike for your specific ride? You’re on the right path. The BMX bike is best for tricks, racing, and stunts. In addition, it is also good to be used by kids to ride around the neighborhood and to school. This bike can perform well even on dirt roads, so kids will enjoy riding on various terrains. 


A mountain bike is best to use on rugged mountain trails. If you want to ride off-road up and down mountains, a mountain bike is the best option. You don’t need to worry since the mountain bike comes with the right tire size and design for safe navigation on rough terrain.  


Do you want to learn more about the difference between a mountain bike vs. BMX? This post will really help you. Read more.  


Comparison: BMX vs. Mountain Bike 


To help you discover more about mountain bikes and BMX, we will provide you with a comparison of their specific features. With that, you can decide which is the best bike for your needs and riding style. In this way, you can also get the one that suits your budget and preference.  




The construction of the frame of a bike is essential for its overall performance. BMX racing can make severe impacts, so it needs a strong, simple, and rigid frame. With this, the BMX bike can endure an aggressive impact. Usually, BMX bikes come with a compact and heavy-duty frame. Mostly, BMX bikes are similar in size since they need a compact frame. Therefore, you should choose the best frame that can enhance your safety during your ride on the bike.  


The frames of mountain bikes are more flexible and bigger for a smoother ride. Usually, a mountain bike comes with attachments for air pumps, drink bottles, and lights. Mountain bike ride is less violent than BMX riding, so it is geared with functionality and absorbing function. It is also designed toward the rider’s size. Both bikes are winners when it comes to their specific frames.  




The brake of a bike reduces its speed or prevents the bike from moving. Brakes come in various types, including disc brakes, rim brakes, and drum brakes. Mountain bike brakes can be disc, caliper, or a combination. They are powerful and can handle water, mud, and heat on a long descent.  


Mountain bike brakes are made to withstand high temperatures of braking on a decline. It is crucial for crossing steep hills on trails. Commonly, disc brakes are used in mountain bikes to provide greater braking power and survive harsh conditions like water, mud, and extreme heat.  


BMX bikes usually have a rear caliper brake for speed control. It also controls bike attitude in jumps, cornering, and whoops. Since BMX is used for stunts and tricks, it needs to spin handlebars in both directions. BMX bikes use a braking system that prevents the brake cable from being tangled in the bars.  


The BMX bike brakes are usually found on the rear wheel. It is called V-brake braking system. The brake squeezes the tire to slow it down and stops the bike.  




Wheels are important components for riding a bike. The size of BMX wheels is smaller compared to mountain bikes. The BMX bike often has 20 or 24-inch wheels. The tires are made to withstand the shock of tricks and jumps while functioning properly on smooth areas. The wheels of the BMX bike are reinforced internally to prevent untimely blowout while landing off big air.  


Mountain bikes need bigger wheels on navigating the holes and rocks of a typical trail. The standard wheel size for mountain bikes is 26 or 29 inches. However, it can depend on the size of the rider. The tires have big, knobby grooves to give a firm grip on different terrains.  


The ride


Mountain bikes can provide you with a smoother ride compared to their BMX counterparts. The suspension is found on the front/ rear of the bike. So, the rider can manage difficult terrain without abusing their arms, legs, and rear.  


BMX bikes come with shock absorption on the arms and legs of the rider. So, you should be careful in anticipating rough riding and manipulate your body accordingly. In this feature, a mountain bike is a winner.  




Suspension lets the tires follow ground irregularities for cushioning the rider and for enhanced control. A mountain bike can be a hard-tail, fully suspended, or with only front suspension.  


A BMX bike doesn’t have a suspension. With this, you need maximum power and thrust as you face obstacles in your sprint. Your body and legs can absorb impacts and may pump through whoops. The winner in this section is the mountain bike.  




The mountain bike and BMX bike both have specific gears to give you the best ride. Mountain bikes come with up to 24 gears to allow a wide terrain range from steep climbs to long flat straights. On the other side, the BMX bike has single gear matched with sprocket size to the rider’s tempo and power. The pedals of BMX can be clip to shoes or big flats with sharp teeth. Although the pedals for mountain bikes may also appear in these forms, you can still use a strap or cage to hold the shoe.  


Mountain bike vs. BMX: The Winner 


From what we have reviewed, both mountain bikes and BMX bikes are beneficial to give you a fun, relaxing, and thrilling ride. However, we consider a mountain bike as the winner. Thus, a mountain bike is also ideal for use by kids. In addition, the mountain bike gears are made for easy pedaling in different situations. A mountain bike is easy to handle and can be availed at a more budget-friendly cost compared to a BMX bike.  


Which is best for adults and kids?  


Both mountain bikes and BMX bikes come with specific advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know which is best for a specific buyer, keep reading. So, you can choose the right bike according to your needs.  


Adults and children of all sizes can ride the 20-inch wheel BMX. Meanwhile, it is highly recommended that the BMX bike is only used at a minimum age of 7 or 8 for safety reasons. A 20-inch wheel BMX bike is best for most BMX riders. Meanwhile, if the rider is over 6-feet, they can use an 18.5 or 22-inch BMX bike. Keep in mind to choose a BMX bike based on your comfort and preference.


A quality hard-tail mountain bike is best for adults. If you’re a beginner at mountain bike riding, you can begin with a bike that is affordable and easy to handle. A mountain bike with a 20-inches wheel is also ideal for kids around 8 to 9 years old. Luckily, there is a more affordable mountain bike for kids on the market. If you love thrilling stunts, a BMX bike is best for you. If you love riding in the mountains, a mountain bike could be the right bike for you.  


Are you ready to level up your bicycling experience? Do you want to enhance your skills in riding a bike? Then, what are you waiting for? It is time to get a mountain bike or BMX bike now! You can choose between the two bikes according to your specific riding style, preference, and needs. There are lots of quality bikes on the market that will suit your budget and standards.  


How to buy a mountain bike/ BMX bike


With many options for mountain bikes and BMX bikes, it can be challenging to pick the right one for you. Don’t worry because we will help you with this matter. The following is a buying guide that will help you get a quality bike for the best riding experience.  


Buying guide for a mountain bike


The following are things you should consider when buying your mountain bike.




One of the essential factors you should consider in buying a mountain bike is the proper frame size. Make sure to get one that fits you.  


Choose between a full-suss or hard-tail


Full suspension can cost money because of the bearings, rear shock, and additional manufacturing complications. If you want better parts on a hard-tail than full-suss, you can spend a similar price. However, you can have less maintenance. Which one do you think is right for you, a hard-tail or full-suss? Choose wisely.  


Wheel size


You can opt for the right wheel size for your safety while riding your mountain bike. Bigger wheels can pay off on hard-tails, but they can be sensitive to tire pressure.  


Opt for the quality of suspension, not quantity


You can monitor the reviews of shocks and forks for a full suss of the bike you want to buy. Make sure to get quality suspension instead of quantity, so you can have full control on riding your mountain bike.  




Another thing to consider in buying your mountain bike is the cost. You should choose the best one that suits your budget and needs. With this, you have assurance that the bike is a good investment for your hard-earned budget.  




It is also important to consider the design of the mountain bike. Does it suit your size? With the best design, you can have easy maintenance of your bike. You can also expect the best function from the bike.  


Test ride


If you want to know whether it feels good to ride a bike, have a test ride at the store. Most bike shops offer a demo fleet that allows you to take out the bike you like for a proper ride. It is a good idea to try different bikes to discover which one is best for you.  




You should opt for a quality mountain bike that can help you make the best of your bike riding experience. Luckily, there are many quality bikes out there that are available at a wallet-friendly cost.  


By considering these buying tips, you can get the right mountain bike for you.  


Buying guide for a BMX bike 


Now that you have learned about the buying tips for a mountain bike let us know how to buy a BMX bike.  




Entry-level and freestyle BMX bikes are usually designed from steel. Steel has high resistance to fatigue and also provides extra comfort. It can lower the pressure on the rider’s body. It is also easy to repair. Some BMX bikes are also made from lightweight frames with aluminum material. Some have carbon fiber frames that reduce weight and have vibration dampening properties.  




You should also prefer a quality BMX bike that can provide you with the best riding experience. You can buy from a reliable brand that can give you the best BMX bike that has the best performance.  




BMX bikes are used by teenagers, kids, and adults. So, you should choose the size that suits you. With this, you can easily handle and control your bike. BMX sizes are divided into age ranges. Beginners between four to size years old can get the mini BMX. Junior BMX is ideal for seven to nine-year-old riders. Expert frames are ideal for nine to thirteen years old. The biggest frame is ‘pro’ which is used by riders over 12 years old.  


Test ride


If you want to ensure getting the best and comfortable BMX bike, you can test it at the bike shop. With that, you have peace of mind that you can have a quality bike you can ride. You can get a good investment for your money and time.  




Like buying a mountain bike, it is essential to consider the cost of the BMX bike that you’re going to purchase. With this, the BMX bike you buy can offer a good value for your money and needs.  




You can opt for a BMX bike with the best gears. With that, you have full control to the performance of your bike.


Type of BMX bike


BMX bikes come in various types. These include classic BMX, freestyle BMX, and jumper BMX. If you love racing on dirt tracks while doing jump riding and tricks, the classic BMX is right for you. If you want to get some serious air, the jumper BMX is the best choice. The freestyle BMX is the best choice if you wish to learn flatland street tricks and ride in a skatepark. You should choose the right size frame for your body.  


You can get the right BMX bike that suits your needs and riding style with these buying tips.  


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is a BMX bike?  


A BMX bike is made for stunts, off-road racing, and tricks. These types of bikes are usually lightweight and come with high durability. Compared to mountain bikes and other road bikes, the BMX bike comes with fewer parts.  


What is a mountain bike?  


The mountain bike is made to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. It can offer maximum safety for the rider. The mountain bike has wide knobby tires, flat handlebars, and a built-in suspension. Mountain bikes come with full-suspension cross country, full-suspension enduro, full-suspension trail, and hard-tail.  


Is it worth it to buy a mountain bike or a BMX bike?  


If you’re curious whether it is worth it to buy a BMX bike or mountain bike, the answer is yes. Riding a bicycle can be beneficial for your health. Riding a BMX can help you increase your confidence as you learn tricks and stunts. On the other hand, riding a mountain bike allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature while exercising. Both BMX and mountain bikes can give you the best ride that will relax you and have some fun.  


Should you prefer expensive bikes?  

When it comes to buying a bike, you should not focus on its cost. Many mountain bikes and BMX bikes are available at an affordable cost but can still provide you with excellent quality and performance. It is also important to check the features and specifications of your potential bike to ensure that it can meet your standards and preference for your bike needs.  


What is the best mountain bike for kids?


The 20-inch wheel mountain bike is the best bike for kids around eight to nine years old. With it, they can easily handle the bike and enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.  


What is the best mountain bike for adults?  


If you’re an adult who wants to try mountain bike riding, you can purchase a bike that is easy to handle. You can opt for a quality hard-tail mountain bike that is affordable by your budget.  




To sum it up, mountain bikes and BMX bikes are both good for riding. They have specific advantages and disadvantages. If you’re an adventurous person who wants thrilling tricks, the BMX bike is the best for you. If you’re into nature and want a relaxing ride, the mountain bike is for you.  


Generally, both bikes can give you many benefits. Each bike comes with specific features. You can also pick the best bike based on your budget.  



Mountain Bike VS BMX

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Level up your bike riding skills today! Which one is best for you, a mountain bike or a BMX bike? With the help of this post, we hope you already decide which is the right bike for your specific needs and standards.  

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