Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Biking has become a popular leisure activity. According to Statista, there were 43 million cyclists in the US in 2016. But it did not stop there. It reached 47.5 million in the following year. It is also estimated to skyrocket in 2023 and beyond. 

People love to invest in a quality Hybrid vs Mountain Bike because they can use it for transportation. They can go to the office or mall without getting stuck in the traffic. Sitting on the train or bus may not be necessary. Also, the travel time will be three times quicker than walking. 

Cycling is a good exercise. It can promote muscle strength, joint mobility, and posture. Recent studies found that it might lower the risk of developing any heart disease by 52%. It is also a great way to burn body fat, raise metabolic rate, build muscles, and control weight. 

Biking is also fun. Aside from meeting adventurous people, you will always be amazed by every trail you take, from stunning rock formations, lush trees, wild plants to fresh air. 

Now, what type of bicycles should you consider? Hybrid and mountain bikes are sought-after for a reason. But which is better and can exceed your unique preferences? There is nothing to worry about, as you came to the right place! 

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike At a Glance: 

Hybrid and mountain bikes are the two top favorites for many. As the name indicates, Hybrids are a mix of mountain and road bikes suitable for riding over various kinds of terrain. They are usually equipped with a flat handlebar, which is found on a mountain bike, enabling the cyclist to be in an upright, safer, and comfortable riding position. Unlike road bikes, hybrids are available with larger volume tires, providing more comfort. 

When it comes to braking, it varies depending on the brand. V-brakes, hydraulic discs, and mechanical systems are the most common these days. Hybrids also deliver flexible gearing, including wide-ranging cassettes and triple chainsets. 

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are developed to be ridden off-road. Whether you want to zip thru the desert or traverse the woods, they are expert-recommended and designed for more rugged conditions. They typically provide higher clearance to get over logs and have a more upright frame. They can absorb the impact of the rough terrain while taking your safety to the next level. 

In terms of wheels, mountain bikes have wide knobby tires known to have more tread that features more resistance and grip on terrain with gravel, sand, and other loose materials. What else? They are made with the rider’s safety and convenience in mind. Plus, there are fewer air leaks. 


Who does not want to invest in a bike that can withstand the test of time? Everyone would love that. But if you are still confused between hybrid and mountain bikes, it would help you make a confident decision when you know their functionalities and differences. Your long wait and search are finally over. Take a close look at the following: 

  • Gears 
Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


Before, hybrid and mountain bikes were built with triple cranksets, consisting of chainrings and crank arms. These chainrings are divided into three. The outer one composes of 50 teeth. The middle part has 39, while the inner one consists of 30. 

But things changed today. Most mountain bike manufacturers switched to 1x cranksets and a wide cassette. Compared to the triple chainsets, they are more intuitive. They also deliver better chain retention and enable frame designers to improve the bottom bracket more easily than expected. This is because space is no longer required for sprockets and front derailleurs. 

Aside from the cranksets, the cassettes have improved in the past years. They have particularly increased in size. The 12-speed 10-50t and 10-speed 11-46t now dominated the industry. 

How about hybrid bikes? Some still have triple chainsets, while others are established with double cranksets, making your selection less stressful than you imagine. These include larger and smaller chainrings. The former is ideal for a higher speed. The latter, on the contrary, is perfect for a lower one. 

More cutting-edge hybrid bikes have also started to make a name on the market. They are developed with 1x drivetrains, which are believed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. If you spend hundreds of dollars on unexpected and constant repair, these higher-end bikes can give you a different experience. 

  • Tires

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


Another distinct difference between hybrid and mountain bikes is their tires. Hybrid wheels are slick, smooth, and glossy, which is why they are the best for casual riding around bike paths and the neighborhood. 

The tires on mountain bikes are the complete opposite, as they have an extremely aggressive thread to offer superb mechanical grip on any soft trail. Whether you are taking a terrain with loose materials, their knobs are established to dig into the gravel and sand to provide enough traction and allow you to enjoy any of your riding adventures the way you want. 

These knobs, unfortunately, cannot dig in on hardpack paths, roads, and other surfaces. They don’t have mechanical grip, making them a subpar option for road riding. The wheels in hybrid bikes will never be a disappointment, though. 

Hybrid tires do not excel in the extra rolling resistance department. They are narrower and lighter compared to mountain bike wheels. But this will not be a problem when you are not fond of off-riding adventures. 

The grip in hybrid tires has also improved, and a wider wheel can do the trick. Just avoid tires with the same size as the knobs for you to enjoy an adhesive grip needed for traveling on light trails and roads. 

  • Carrying Capacity 

Dependable and convenient carrying capacity is another feature to expect from a hybrid or mountain bike. But it is commonly overlooked by some cyclists. You don’t have to do the same thing. 

A bike’s high volume carrying capacity can keep your off- or on-the-road riding less effortless, as you won’t have a problem with your storage for any essentials you bring. This is suitable for heavy packers. 

Both mountain and hybrid bicycles similarly have panniers. These are bags installed on the front or backside of a bike for storing purposes. They are used for bikepacking, hauling stuff around the neighborhood, or long-distance touring. 

When you go out for an exercise or any intense mountain-climbing activity, it is all right to remove a storage bag like a pannier so that you can move freely. Your comfort and safety are what matter the most, after all. 

But you might wonder how much weight can a hybrid or mountain bike hold aside from the stuff in the pannier. Some only have a 300 lbs carrying capacity. Others can reach 350 lbs. What happens when we exceed the load limit? The efficiency of the bike’s overall mechanism and structure might be compromised, posing a safety risk to cyclists. 

  • Suspension

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


You probably have heard suspension in a bike a couple of times already and might still be clueless about it.

As the name suggests, it is a system used to suspend both the bike and cyclist and absorb the roughness of the terrain. 

The suspension also goes beyond that. It enables riders to control the bicycle better and ensures a more comfortable ride even in the most challenging trails. For that reason, it is incorporated in mountain bikes and some hybrid brands. 

Mountain bike’s suspension is tailored to absorb roots or drop-offs. This helps you control the bicycle according to your expectations. 

Manufacturers of hybrids also adapt to the trend, which is why it is easy to find bikes of this kind with suspension on the market. But before, it was different, as there were no hybrids equipped with this functionality. For avid fans of hybrid bicycles, your long search has finally ended. 

Sad to say, the suspension on a hybrid bike does not perform as the majority of brands claim. The forks, for instance, are always prone to stiction, so a large initial force is required for them to move. This marked the beginning of state-of-the-art forks, which minimize the stiction. It may just break your bank as it costs a hundred or even a thousand dollars, depending on your chosen brand. What’s worse is that the static friction is not fully addressed yet. That will not be the case with a mountain bike

  • Cost 

The costs between mountain and hybrid bicycles also vary. Since the first one is designed for uneven terrains, they may be costlier than a hybrid. 

How much do they cost, though? The rate ranges from $1000 to $1500. Sometimes, the price may be higher than you imagine. This is especially true when the product is upgraded. 

There are also mountain bikes available below $1000. But be cautious with that. They can be of good quality in the first few months. Their functionality may change after some time, leading to bigger expenses. 

Hybrid bikes, even they sound more high-end, will not cause a dent in your savings account. They are competitively priced, and you can find a decent one at $500 or below, as they are made for on-road riding with fewer bumps compared to rough terrains. 

Now, which should you invest in between the cheapest and the most long-lasting bicycles? Even if durable bikes might require additional costs, they can withstand the elements and last for decades. But proper and regular maintenance should not be overlooked to keep them in good condition. 

  • Frame
Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


What’s the most important part of a bike? Of course, each is essential as it plays a different function. But we could not ignore the frame because it is the one that holds the whole bike together. This is the reason why it should be impact-resistant. 

The good news is that the frame in hybrid and mountain bicycles are made of various materials. Titanium is one of the most popular frame components. It is usually compared to steel because of its resistance to corrosion. Rust is a common concern of riders. A titanium frame, however, can come to your rescue. 

Titanium is famous for its excellent ride quality, making it a top-notch option for a hardtail, custom road, and touring bike. It is durable but prone to damages. It is more straightforward to repair, though. 

It can also compete with the other frame materials with its versatility. Many people believe it comes in a bulky design. The truth is that it can be lightweight. The downside is that a titanium frame is rare and might cost you an arm or a leg. 

The majority of hybrid and mountain bikes are also built with aluminum. It is no surprise as it is corrosion-resistant, just like titanium. 

It is fairly light and easy to carry. This is suitable for those who ride their bikes for a few hours. But it is not as portable as carbon fiber. 

When it comes to the cost, aluminum is affordable and excellent for racers on a tight budget. It is also responsive, stiff, and recommended for criterium racing bikes as it provides snappy handling and accelerates quickly. 

The stiffness, however, can be a headache for some as it has been associated with harsher ride quality. Studies showed that steel does not absorb the roughness of terrain well. Like titanium, it is demanding to repair and prone to scratches and other damages over time. 

Another frame material is steel. Before, it was the favorite frame material by most companies. But its popularity has declined in the past few years as it is heavier and costlier to manufacture than aluminum. 

But do not underestimate steel. Although it is bulky, it is easier to work with. It also has great strength and density. 

That’s not all. Steel is resistant to fatigue and durable. Plus, it is simple to repair, and an experienced professional will be of huge help. 

Carbon fiber is also used in hybrid and mountain bikes. It comes with a composite of carbon sheets bonded using a resin. Even if it is a new frame material, people start to appreciate its weight. It is more portable than titanium, aluminum, and steel. 

This lower density is found to absorb road vibration, which levels up every ride you have. What sets it apart from the rest is that it can be formed into multiple shapes and patterns, enabling companies to achieve a stylish design. 

  • Brakes
Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


One of the bike’s hardware that plays a critical role in ensuring the rider’s safety is the brake. 

It allows the cyclist to control when the bike stops. This is particularly convenient when riding downhill. 

What type of brake to consider when looking for hybrid and mountain bicycles? Most mountain bikes are established with disc brakes consisting of two types. These are mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. 

A mechanical disc brake is the more popular kind of disc brake for mountain bike riders with entry-level experience. It operates like the V-brakes and normal cantilever. 

One of its upsides is that it is easier to adjust. Whether it is too tight or loose, you can perform any necessary adjustment. But make sure you have the right tools to avoid any problem. 

A mechanical disc brake is also highly accessible. If it gets damaged and needs to be replaced, you can find it at any bike shop near you. The installation can also be done within a few minutes or less. 

It also has some drawbacks. Its housing, for instance, is vulnerable to rust, particularly when biking across any wet condition. The cable may also stretch and malfunction after prolonged use. 

Hydraulic disc brake, contrastingly, does not have cables and housings. It has hoses, hydraulic fluid, and reservoirs instead. Usually sealed, it prevents dirt from entering the hose, cylinder, and brake fluid. In terms of the braking process, it provides more control and power compared to its mechanical counterparts. The installation, unfortunately, is tricky. This requires the expertise of the right specialist. 

Hybrid bikes are built with rim brakes. Unlike the disc brakes, they are available with pads that grip onto the tire rims. They are more inexpensive. When the brake pad gets worn, it is easy to notice. But if it is your first time using a hybrid bike, regular inspection and maintenance can come into play. It is also simple to replace. But nothing can beat the services of a certified technician. 

Since it is economical, it wears out more gradually than a disc brake, resulting in a constant and unnecessary replacement. 

When used in a muddy or wet condition, its stopping power is less efficient. If you are looking for a sturdier option, you can never go wrong with a mountain bike.

  • Speed 

Bikes are not only used for adventures but also as a means of transportation. Imagine if you ride a bicycle that is too slow. That could be a headache if you are always late in the office, and you do not deserve that. 

It is time to have your existing bicycles replaced by a hybrid or a mountain bike. But which has a better and more reliable speed? 

Since hybrids are a mix of mountain and road bikes, they would be faster as they have thinner tires and are lightweight. But they could not compete with the optimal speed of road bicycles. 

Although hybrids have features similar to road bikes, there are factors that could affect their speed, including the weight of a cyclist and the terrain. Still, they would not be slower than mountain bicycles. 

  • Handlebar
Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike


A handlebar is another necessary part of a bicycle. Aside from steering, it delivers a convenient mounting place for the bells or shift levers. It also supports the cyclist’s weight.

So, when considering a mountain or hybrid bike, it is worthwhile to look at its handlebar. Hybrids come in a vast range of designs. They also provide a special riding position to every rider. 

Raised handlebars are on top of everyone’s shopping list. As the name indicates, they are a bit high toward the section. If you like two hand positions, do not look further than riser handlebars. 

A drop handlebar is another sought-after option. Like the first one, it provides outstanding riding versatility. It comes with a downward curve and a straight midsection. There are also four different positions you can take advantage of. Holding it from the hand position is what many prefer. 

The handlebars in mountain bikes, on the contrary, are wider to improve the way cyclists handle the bicycles. 

These wide handlebars also allow the riders to be in a well-controlled position on the bike. In terms of style, it looks stunning that you can boost to your closest friends and colleagues. 

But wait, there’s more. Wide handlebars improve the bike’s uphill & downhill capabilities. If you encounter trouble climbing uphill or downhill because of a narrow handlebar, that will no longer be a problem with a mountain bike. It will also help riders keep the bicycle from shaking without exerting more effort and energy.

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike: The Winner

Each has its own advantages. If you are searching for a bicycle for commuting, hybrids will meet and exceed your expectations for sure. 

In case you will use a bike for trail riding, a mountain bike is something you should not overlook. It has tires with an aggressive thread to ensure mechanical grip. Although it may be costlier, you can expect a safe and comfortable riding adventure. 


Now you’re familiarized with hybrid and mountain bikes, what are you waiting for? If you are still confused, take your time, and there is no need to rush. 

If you prefer a hybrid bicycle but do not know where to begin, the Hiland road bike is one of the well-recognized options for a reason. From matte aluminum frame, speed, versatility to free installation tools, it has them all. 

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

For those who dream of using a mountain bike and are overwhelmed by multiple products, Schwinn S29 is a quality entry-level option. It is made of a front suspension fork, dual-suspension frame, alloy triple cranks, 7-speed freewheel, and mechanical disc brakes. Enjoy on- and off-road riding!

Hybrid vs Mountain Bike

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