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How to Paint Mountain Bike Pedals 

Time will come that your bike badly needs a revamp or transformation. It’s not just about making it look new once more but also keeping your bike safe and sound from stubborn rust. If your bike pedals begin to chip or fade, it needs to be repainted.

On the other hand, you need to be very careful in doing it or when choosing paint as regular paint available in the hardware will not work properly on a bike. There are particular types of paint that should be used to extend the overall structure of the mountain bike.

So, how can I paint my mountain bike pedals? What is the best paint to use? To know more about mountain bike pedals painting, keep on reading. We will give you tips on doing it and the best paint to use.

How to Paint Mountain Bike Pedals

Giving a mountain bike a revamp is intimidating, but I am here to share some vital things. This will assist you to end up with something you can be proud to ride on the street.

It doesn’t matter if you have always liked to try your own custom paintwork on your mountain bike pedal or you have dusted off your mountain bike recently due to a pandemic; a fresh look for the ride is always a good idea. Here are some tips to follow when painting your mountain bike’s pedal.

Practice Makes Perfect

Is this your first time painting a mountain bike pedal, or did you do it before, but now you are using a different paint brand? You can try your skills or the newly purchased paint on a cheap pedal which you won’t mind messing up.

Prep Your Mountain Bike

You will need to ensure that the mountain bike pedal is ready to be painted. The very first thing you need to do is to clean these components with alcohol and a lint-free cloth. You also have to make sure that the pedals are clean and no signs of dirt. If it is not steel, raw aluminum, or carbon, give your pedal a light sanding so the paint will stick to it. You can use 1,000 to 1 500 grit sandpapers and rub to texture the surface; of course, you do not want to take any part completely off.

Choose the Paint Your Want

When painting a mountain bike pedal, choosing superior and high-quality paint that will last is vital, so check out online or at the nearest hardware store. Search for a low pressure can- the more gradually the paint comes out, the simpler it is to work with. There are many good options available online; all you need to do is research. No matter what you end up picking, avoid mixing lines or brands, as diverse paints can react weakly and badly together.

How to Paint Mountain Bike Pedals

Running the Tape Away

Place painter’s tape over parts of the pedal which will part attached. You can utilize tape in masking off parts of the bike while making your design and ensure the base layer is totally dry, or the paint may peel off with the tape.

Set Up A Work Station

Even if doable, it is disturbing to pain a mountain bike pedal while holding it. Although you can detach it, it will take time to attach and reattach. It comes with small parts that are tricky to eliminate. So, it is advisable to paint the pedal as is. Just ensure to lay down a drop sheet to catch any overspray and easily clean your working station.

Spray Away

Experts say you have to shake the spray can for almost three minutes before using it. You also need to check the can to know how far away you must hold it while spraying. Paint must be sprayed on consistently and uniformly with a single coat at a time. Make sure your hand is kept on moving at a fixed space while spraying.

You also have to consider the weather. Experts recommend doing the painting job in dry weather and preferably in warmer temperatures as well as low humidity. Ensure to give paint enough time to dry between layering diverse colors or putting in a second coat.

Can you Paint Shimano Pedals? 

A lot of mountain bikes available out there come with Shimano pedals. These pedals are renowned for their intuitive function, durability, and effective and efficient transfer to riders regardless of type. For road bikers, Shimano pedals feature super lightweight carbon composite bodies and a wide platform made for control and stability.

Yes. You can pain your Shimano pedals regardless of colors, but it is highly advisable to use high quality paint. Spray paint is a good choice as it will help enhance the looks of the Shimano pedal. But, it is highly advisable to ask experts about this matter to avoid damaging or affecting the quality of the pedals.

How to Paint Mountain Bike Pedals

Can I Paint Pedals?

Yes. You can paint mountain bike pedals due to many good reasons, such as:

Personalize the Look

Usually, you purchase a mountain bike that has the standard model appearance. The appearance is uniform, and you may find the same exact model if you go out for a ride. There are many riders who may want to do revamping and repainting to acquire a more customized appearance.

So, in this case, you have the choice to pick the color and style and put more personality to the mountain bike. It’s extremely common for riders to make a complete facelift of the mountain bike pedal and pick the color they want.

Protecting your Mountain Bike

Another important reason why many riders choose to paint their mountain bike pedals is to keep them safe and sound from external elements. Bike coats or paints directly secure the bike pedals from substances that can harm the structure. A lot of bike coats have the capability to protect the steel pedal from grit and water.

These elements can cause pedal corrosion that can harm this part. To stop it from spreading all through the bike, it is highly advisable to treat the rust, and you can do this by repainting the pedal.

Changing the Appearance

Many riders find it heartbreaking to let go of their old cycles. After many years of use, your mountain bike will look old and require a revamp. Mountain bike painting is the most excellent way to transform an old cycle into a new one.

What kind of paint do you use to paint a bike?

Many types of paint are safe to use when painting a mountain bike. Some of these paints are as follow:

Epoxy Paint

Also known as floor paint, epoxy paint is a good choice for metal, including bike pedals. This kind of paint is renowned for its durable coat and colorful shine. The paint combines paint hardeners and resin to allow it to adhere firmly to the pedal. Thus, it forms a scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, and strong coat.

Aerosol Paint

This is known to leave a smooth coat. While many aerosol paints available today are utilized for decorative properties, some come with rust inhibition properties which make this paint perfect for a mountain bike. This kind of paint comes in many bright colors to provide your bike pedal with a stunning appearance. Its paint glows under UV lighting for utmost visibility.

While this pain is user-friendly and very attractive, you have to use it cautiously with toxic chemicals. Therefore, ensure to wear a mask, gloves, and safety glasses.

How to Paint Mountain Bike Pedals

Carbon Touch Up Paint

This paint can be used when you have a steel pedal. Ideally, this paint is for covering minor dents on your bike pedal. So, it is not the best choice for repainting the whole parts of the bike but just for fixing scratches and chips. The best thing about this paint is that it seals off the parts you apply it to.

Enamel Paint

This is resin paint renowned for adhering firmly to steel and metal. The resin element improved adhesion between the metal pedal and the paint coat. What is more, it also enhances the luster of the pain to provide your mountain bike pedals with a fresh satin finish. In general, this paint dries faster, not like epoxy paints. The only caveat is that it is toxic and so you must have safety accessories like gloves and glasses when painting.

Can you spray paint BMX pedals?

Yes. You can do so over the current color using canned spray paints that you prefer. However, it is highly advisable to apply light coating only. Too much will lessen the grip of the bike pedal.


You can paint the pedal of your mountain bike if you want to personalize it or protect it from various elements. However, you need to follow some steps to come up with the best results and at the same time ensure to choose a good and quality paint.

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