Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet for Mountain Biking

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Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet for Mountain Biking

A helmet is indeed an essential gear for mountain biking which is essential for your safety. Many kinds of mountain bike helmets are on hand in the market, made for particular mountain biking forms. For instance, someone who prefers risky riding like dirt jumping or downhill riding requires a full face mountain bike helmet that can provide serious protection. However, someone who rides on singletrack or cross country must wear an open-face helmet intended to offer lightweight and well-ventilated protection.

What is a Dirt Bike Helmet?

What is exactly a dirt bike helmet? Do I need to use one when riding a bike? Is this kind of helmet intended for motorcross? The main objective of a dirt bike is security. For dirt bikes, it keeps the head and brain safe from injuries in a mishap or accident. A head injury is fatal, which can result in death, more reason why you must keep your head safe. It also secures your face from dirt, mud as well as debris while riding.

Why Is Dirt Bike Helmet Important?

Why should you consider wearing a dirt bike? Well, if you want to know more about this type of helmet. If you ride your dirt bike most often, you would be riding under diverse weather conditions. This can be adverse and is able to obstruct your vision, thereby enhancing your susceptibility to mishaps and accidents. 

A dirt helmet serves to keep your face warm when it snows as well as dry when it rains. Also, it can keep you safe from the devastating UV rays of the sun.

By just wearing a dirt helmet when riding our dirt bike, you’re obeying the regulation and setting an excellent example for others to follow. A lot of provinces and states have regulations that make it mandatory for dirt riders to wear protective gear while riding. In contrast, some places have regulations that mandate the use of helmets for those aged 21 and below.

What is the difference between a mountain bike helmet and a motocross helmet?

Motocross racing and mountain biking are the same in various ways. Both involve riding a motor off-road, and the equipment you wear is almost the same as well. On the other hand, there are differences which make them not interchangeable for each one.

A dirt bike helmet has a diverse ventilation system than a mountain bike helmet as it is made to pull over your head instead. Therefore, if you like to utilize a dirt bike helmet for a mountain bike, you might get yourself reaching for the bottle of water more often as of how hot it will make you feel.

An MTB helmet is ideal for use on paved paths and trails with fewer turns and bumps, while a dirt bike helmet is used in extreme conditions like desert racing and riding downed logs and trees on a forest trail.

A mountain bike and dirt bike are made to protect your head from injury when riding.

On the other hand, a dirt bike offers more security than a mountain bike helmet as it has more space for cushioning at the back and front to absorb energy. A mountain bike rider will usually wear a helmet with less cushioning in order to keep better balance on their bikes.

Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet for Mountain Biking

Can You Use a Dirt Bike Helmet for Mountain Biking

A dirt bike also has a visor to keep you safe from flying debris, bugs, and mud when riding off-road. A mountain bike helmet usually doesn’t include this feature. It is vital to keep your head safe when biking as there’s always a risk that you will fall, and if you do, it is best to be as secure as possible. Therefore, while a dirt bike helmet is ideal for invigorating off-road racing, it might not be the best choice for a long leisurely ride in wooded trails.

A mountain bike helmet pulls air in the helmet to keep the rider cool and comfortable. Dirt bike helmets have no holes, but a properly made dirt bike helmet provides great ventilation during high speed travels.

Biking with a dirt bike helmet on seems like wearing a brick. The massive weight of the heavy object makes you think that almost no air is going inside. However, if you’re wearing a mountain bike when riding a dirt bike, it may feel like you are wearing nothing. The strong wind flowing over your heads as your drive down the road would be so luxurious.

The conventional full face dirt bike helmet provides the most security. It covers the whole face and head due to the face shield and chin bar. These parts provide great security against road debris, wind as well as impact.

You are able to find a mountain bike helmet in full face types; however, they do not include the big polycarbonate face shield like a dirt bike. However, then again, mountain biking rarely needs this type of security and protection.

Can you wear a dirt bike helmet on a bike?

A lot of people believe a dirt bike helmet can also be utilized on a mountain bike. A dirt bike helmet was made to secure the head while riding, not rocks and other forms of obstacles while riding. The form of the helmet is also a bit different, as it should fit firmly around the neck so that it does not come off in a crash.

What is more, a lot of dirt bike helmets available don’t come with openings for ventilation since they are made to be utilized just for short durations. These aspects make utilizing a dirt bike helmet on a mountain bike risky and dangerous. There are helmets made particularly for mountain bike that provides better ventilation as well as a super lightweight that making them safe and comfortable to use.

If you are in a pinch, any helmet is better than no wearing helmet at all. A dirt bike helmet and a full face mountain bike helmet are extremely the same; both have big openings for goggles as well as airflow to avoid suffocation from dust and dirt inhalation during use.

What kind of helmet do I need for mountain biking?

There are many types of mounting biking helmets available such as:

For a lot of people, a half shell mountain bike helmet that is utilized in less aggressive cross country, as well as trail riding, will look as well as make no difference to a cycling helmet. Both look the same; they provide different styles and ventilation structures. A mountain bike helmet is a bike helmet, but not exactly. In spite of being the same as a road bike helmet, an open bike helmet is used in cross country riding.

  • Open Face

This is a bit heavier as well as more protective. Features of this helmet are made for event harder terrain and aggressive type of riding. One vital element which will make this apart from the rest is the protection to the back of your head. This also comes with well-made retention systems that keep it securely in place. 

  • Full Face Helmet

This type of helmet will protect your whole head, face as well as chin. Sad to say, with growing protection, the ventilation features suffer. Even if the contemporary styles are always evolving to enhance this feature and at the same time provide further ventilation than the usual full face downhill helmet, pedaling uphill may leave you hotter as well as very prickly than usual. 

  • All-Around 

This is a very fashionable type of mountain bike helmet available today. This is around the half dome with a chin harness, a type of skateboarding helmet. It may look well than functional ventilation lids; however, it normally is hotter, bulkier, and heavier and provide poor ventilation features, and is not an ideal option for right and good mountain biking. But, it still provides enough and utmost protection against falling on bars ramps as well as if doing tricks in biking parks. 

Can you use a skateboard helmet for mountain biking?

No. A helmet made for skateboarding shouldn’t be worn when biking. The severity, as well as the kinds of impacts which this helmet is rated for, will vary it depends on the intended sport. For instance, you can think that utilizing a dirt bike would give more security while mountain biking as it is made for a higher impact. So, it is very important to use the right gear intended for mountain biking in order to keep you safe and sound while riding and at the same for a memorable cycling experience.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to choose a helmet that fits and suits your needs and head as well. If you opt for one which is not made for the purpose or activity, it might secure you as much and could cause uneasiness while and anxiety when riding.

To know which one will work best, it is vital to do research on your preferred helmet, and it is also advisable to take it to professionals at the nearest local dealership. 

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