6 Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

You recently bought a regular bike for your tricks as you are on a tight budget. Then, you gave it a shot on one lazy weekday morning, but you could not even perform wheelies, bunny hop, nollie, unweighting, front wheel touch-up, stoppie, endo turn, fakie, and trackstand. That could be extremely uncomfortable. 

This is where the best mountain bike for wheelies can come to your rescue. Whether you are an avid fan of endo turn or bunny hop, a quality and feature-packed mountain bike can help you perform any trick without too many troubles. 

But if it is your first time switching to this type of bicycle, you might be pretty unaware and confused about where, to begin with. I understand you as I have experienced that before. There is nothing to worry about, as this guide got your back. Keep reading for more. 

Why Should You Invest in a Mountain Bike

It looks easy to see someone perform wheelies and other advanced stunts in the park. It is challenging, though, when you do it on your own. 

But investing in a mountain bike can make your experience more exciting and less stressful than expected, as it is designed for any entry-level, intermediate, or experienced tricks. 

More than that, here are the other top reasons a mountain bike is a perfect addition to your collection: 

Fun on Descents 

A mountain bike is a go-to option for climbing very stiff hills. Thanks to the component designs, innovative suspension, and cutting-edge frame in today’s brands. Some big names in the industry also strive to make the rear suspension more sensitive than it was before to improve control and traction without additional travel. This is suitable for a more efficient, stiffer, and lighter tool for any intense and straightforward climbing activity. 

More Upgraded Tires

Another advantage of the best mountain bike for wheelies is that the tires are more upgraded than any regular bicycle. The width ranges from 2.8 to 3.25 inches. They are also available with rims that measure approximately 35- to 45mm. These enable you to run pressures from a minimum of 12 pounds per square inch (psi) for real gains in cornering traction, braking and climbing. That’s not all! These newest tires also offer a calm feel and extra cushioning. 

A Cross Country (XC) Race Bike is Not Required

Who says an XC race bike is the only option to make climbing easier and faster? A typical mountain bike can fly uphill at speed similar to the former. So, there is no need to invest in an XC race bike. But I do not suggest you avoid that. You can also have one if you really want to. 

What Are the Factors to Weigh in Mind When Looking for a Mountain Bike?

You probably have done some research online about the best mountain bike for wheelies. What did you notice? There are multiple options, right? 

By now, you might feel overwhelmed, and that’s normal. I also encountered the same thing before. 

The trick here is to identify what you are really looking for. Below, I gather some factors you can think about when searching for a mountain bike

Decide What Type of Mountain Bike You Like

Mountain bicycles come in a variety, including XC, trail, and fat-tire bikes. Which is better? Each has its own advantages. XC bikes, for example, are the top favorites because of their climbing prowess and reliable speed. What’s surprising is that it is not bulky. If you love an adrenaline-boosting or breathtaking adventure, this one may exceed your unique expectations. 

Trail bicycles are the most common. So, do not be surprised when your close friends, neighbors, or even colleagues have one. Unlike XC bikes, a trail bicycle focuses on sensible weight, efficiency, and fun. 

Fat-tire bikes, on the contrary, are among the other popular alternatives you should not miss. As the name suggests, they have huge tires ranging from 3.7 to 5 inches in width. They provide excellent traction, which is recommended for rough terrain. 

Buy One with a Sturdy Frame Material

It is inconvenient to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your bicycle because of the subpar frame. You do not deserve that. Now, what frame material should you take advantage of? 

Perhaps, you are considering steel. We cannot blame you, as it is incredibly strong and stiff. When neglected, it is more likely to corrode. Thus, proper cleaning or regular maintenance can come into play. 

What are the other frame components you should try? Carbon fibre is on our second spot for a reason. Although it is new in the market, do not underestimate its stiffness and strength. Sometimes called Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), it is reputed to create lightweight frames. 

Aluminum alloy is another alternative you should direct your attention to. Similar to steel, it is robust. But it has extra density. That’s why it is heavy and may not be a great idea for those with entry-level experience. 

Last but not least is titanium. Compared to the rest, it gives a frame’s longevity a boost. Yes, it is impact- and rust-resistant and can withstand the test of time. Its strength varies depending on your chosen manufacturer. It is also one of the materials aerospace companies use. 

Identify the Wheel Size That Suits Your Specific Needs

Congratulations! You already have a particular frame material in mind. But your job does not stop there. It is time to distinguish the right wheel size for you. 

A 26-inch wheel is recommended for adults and used on high-performance folding bikes. Next is the 27.5. Unlike the first one, this size is found to roll over obstacles more easily. It also features more rotational inertia and traction. 

Wheels also come in 29 inches. Formerly known as 700c, a 29-inch wheel has taken the world by storm in the past few years. It is a superb investment for those who prefer large tires.

Be Willing to Spend More

I always get tempted every time I see a competitively priced mountain bike. Recently, I purchased one. For the first few months, it was good. The frame did not rust. The seat was comfy. The handle was easy to hold. 

But things changed after some time. The frame got more corrosive, leading to unnecessary maintenance and unexpected repair. From then on, I realized that nothing could beat a durable and stylish bicycle. Even if it may require additional costs, you can be sure it will last for years and hopefully decades. 

Of course, some might feel afraid to buy the best mountain bike for wheelies because of the cost. The good news is that there are different pricing options. The rate can range between $400 and $800. If it is still high, it might be helpful to look for second-hand bikes. 

Think About The Suspension

Most mountain bikes are packed with the suspension to make the roughness of any terrain less intense, providing a more controlled and smoother ride. 

As the wheel size, bike suspension is available in several types. These are rigid, hardtail, and full suspension. 

Rigid bicycles, in particular, do not provide any suspension. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Popular examples include bicycle motocross (BMX), road racing, hybrid, and cruiser bikes. Fat-tire is also included in the list. 

Hardtail, on the other hand, features a suspension fork to absorb the impact on the front wheel. Unlike full-suspension, it is less costly as there is no extensive maintenance needed. Thanks to its fewer moving accessories. 

However, full suspension bikes are equipped with rear shock and front fork to reduce the impact of the trail, keeping you safe. What else? It takes traction to another level and can make your adventure more enjoyable than ever.

Particularly, they can soak up chatter and trail bumps. Sometimes, they can bob, giving you some trouble when climbing uphill. Luckily, modern bikes offer high-end rigs that lock out their rear suspension, providing a better power transfer. 

Top 6 Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies

Now you familiarized yourself with some important factors to consider when looking for a mountain bike, what are you waiting for? 

If you are still confused, there is nothing to rush. Just take your time and add these best mountain bikes for wheelies to your shopping list. 

Take a close look at the following:

1. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike 

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Have you been searching for a uni-sex mountain bike for wheelies and other tricky stunts for days without a good result? 

There is no need to search further than the Mongoose Status mountain bike! Its design is suitable for both male and female riders out there. It is stunning, which you can boast to your close friends and colleagues at the same time. 

The Mongoose brand has also been around since the 1970s. Originally, it was sold under bicycle motocross products. Then, a mountain bike was developed. Like the BMX, it was a great success. 

With a lot of features to expect, the bike’s aluminum frame is its premium highlight. Compared to other frame materials, it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, stiff, and competitively priced, which has exceeded my expectations as a cyclist. 

Apart from a rust-resistant and long-lasting frame, the Mongoose Status mountain bike features a powerful suspension on the front and rear parts for a more comfortable ride, better control, and more efficient braking. 

That’s not all. The Mongoose Status mountain bike is also made of knobby wheels for any off-road riding adventures. It specifically provides enough friction, leading to power and stability. 


  • It comes with a five-year frame warranty. 

  • With its construction, it is tested to last for years. 

  • Built with 21-speed levels - the standard among different types of mountain bikes

  • Available with V and linear-pull brakes 

  • Designed with a free wheel hub that allows you to pedal backward


  • V brakes are not up to par compared to the disc brakes

  • The seat may be uncomfortable. 

2. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

For our second spot, we highly recommend the Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike. Like the Mongoose Status, this is a well-recognized brand on the market. 

Even if it is available at a reasonable rate, its features are above the median range, making it ideal for those on a budget and who want a high quality bike. It provides a 29-inch wheel known to deliver a better attach angle over bumps on the trail for a smoother and safer ride. 

With its front suspension, you can expect incredible shock absorption every time you go on a rugged terrain adventure. But since it is a hardtail, it does not have sufficient climbing power. 

Schwinn Bonafide comes with an impact-resistant alloy frame. Similar to the Mongoose Status, it provides extra durability. If you have been spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a constant bike repair because of a subpar frame, Schwinn Bonafide will give you a different experience for sure. It is also lightweight and available at a competitive cost that will not break your bank.

Schwinn Bonafide is equipped with a disc brake on the front and rear tires. It is popular for increased stopping power and wider tire options at the same time. It also stays cleaner as it does not collect much grime on the road, resulting in less intensive cleaning and maintenance. 


  • It prides itself on Shimano gearing components. 

  • Designed with an aluminum alloy frame

  • It provides more climbing power, thanks to its hardtail suspension. 

  • The tires are 29 inches in length. 


  • The gear requires fine tuning. 

  • The front suspension does not have a lock-out. 

3. Mongoose Tyax Comp 

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Mongoose is the sought-after biking manufacturer. From years of industry experience, quality products to fair pricing options, it has them all. 

With the company’s wide collection, it is challenging to find the one that meets and goes beyond your preferences. 

But say bye to that inconvenience with this Mongoose Tyax Comp. As one of the brand’s bestsellers, Mongoose Tyax Comp is a lasting investment you should not miss. It features a reasonable fork performance and quick rolling wheels that can take your experience to another level. Its design is another thing that makes it stand out from the competition. Although it looks simple for some, it comes with an aesthetic appeal that can add charm or style to your basic outfit. 

Aside from off-road riding, you also want to level up your experience as a cyclist. Trying biking stunts like wheelies is an intelligent idea, and Mongoose Tyax Comp can turn your goal into a reality. Just be cautious whenever you perform any advanced biking tricks for your peace of mind. 

What I like about Mongoose Tyax Comp is that it features a tectonic T2 aluminum frame. It is lighter, making the bicycle stress-free to use. It also has extra strength that can withstand the elements and last for an extended period. 


  • The wheel is 29 inches in length. 

  • Its suspension is in front. 

  • Packed with a disc brake style

  • Designed with 144 mm rear hub spacing, resulting in a more rigid and stable hardtail


  • Limited color options

  • It is more challenging to repair. 

  • The hub spacing cannot be replaced. 

4. Mongoose Flatrock Adult Hardtail Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Is your existing bicycle not functioning according to your expectations? You do not deserve that. It is time to invest in a higher quality alternative like the Mongoose Flatrock adult mountain bike

With multiple brands to pick from, what makes Mongoose Flatrock different from the rest, you may wonder. Aside from being an experienced and trusted manufacturer, there’s more to expect from the mountain bike

Its aluminum frame, for instance, is lightweight and ideal for exploring any mountain trail. The frame is not that bulky, making your adventure fun and unforgettable. Even after years of use, it will not corrode. But regular cleaning should not be ignored. 

How about the tires? Well, they have extra strength that will help you cut repetitive and unexpected replacement expenses in the long run. They are also 24 inches in length, recommended for cyclists 56 inches tall. 

After some time, the tire quality may change. There is nothing to worry about, as the Mongoose Flatrock wheels are readily accessible. You can visit its official website or go to the store’s physical location, depending on what you prefer. 


  • It has an element suspension fork to improve control, enhance performance, and ensure a smoother ride. 

  • Available with double wall alloy rims

  • It is portable and will not turn your riding experience into a disaster. 

  • Packed with 21-speed twist shifters

  • Designed with rear derailleur to guarantee seamless gear changes

  • There are V brakes on the front and rear sides of the bicycle


  • There are many things to improve on, including the bike’s design. 

  • It may be expensive for some. 

5. Dynacraft Mountain Bikes

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Aside from Mongoose, Dynacraft is another reputed manufacturer of mountain bikes. This 20-inch bicycle is one of its top sellers. It is ideal for kids. Its wheel is 20 inches, while the design is something your children cannot resist. It is also available in throttle white. Although it may look simple at first, your kids would appreciate its style after some time.

Apart from that, this Dynacraft mountain bike features a sturdy steel frame. Even if it is inexpensive, it is resistant to fatigue, durable, and easily repaired. Unfortunately, it is prone to corrosion over time. But regular maintenance can be a lifesaver. 

Another advantage of the Dynacraft mountain bike is that its seat is adjustable, so your kids can change the position according to their needs. If you have some questions about adjusting the seat, you can read the product’s instruction manual for more information. 

When it comes to the price, the Dynacraft mountain bike will not cause a dent in your savings account. While this may be costly for some, it is still a good rate, as its build and construction are premium quality. 


  • There are seven speed options your children would fall in love with. 

  • It is known for adapting to rough terrain. 

  • The lower gear allows the riders to pedal without too many troubles. 

  • The high gear initiates smooth movement. 

  • Packed with front and rear linear pull brakes


  • Other customers find the gears slippery. 

  • The seat, wheels, and handlebar are not pre-assembled. 

6. Schwinn Mountain Bicycle  

Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Who does not want to cut costs while searching for the best mountain bike for wheelies? Everyone would love that. 

But if you are unaware of what to pick, that could be frustrating. Worry no more! This 27.5 inch Schwinn mountain bike got you covered, as it is fairly priced. 

Because of that, some believe that the Schwinn mountain bike does not provide a good value. The truth is that it has the features we usually find from higher-end alternatives. 

The tires, for example, are 2.2 inches wide, which offers enough grip for whatever surface you take. But it is not recommended for on-road riding. You can look for other brands if the need arises. 

Aside from the tires, the front suspension fork will not disappoint you even if the terrain becomes more challenging to take, although it is entry-level. 

It also offers 21 gears designed with Shimano components and a sturdy frame. Ever since the company was founded and established, its client’s satisfaction has been one of its number one priorities. This is the reason why it provides a relaxed and stylish upright geometry. 


  • Designed with a mechanical disc brake

  • Although it is mechanical, it provides superior stopping power. 

  • An excellent deal for riders of any skill or experience level

  • It offers a dual type of suspension. 

  • The bicycle won’t give you a hard time during any adventure. 


  • The gears are inconvenient to use. 

  • The design has many things to improve on. 


Now, you should probably have a specific product in mind. If you are still undecided, you can never go wrong with Mongoose. From ultra-premium frame, competitive rate to suspension, Mongoose got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Add your chosen product to your cart.

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