At The Bicycle Company we are obsessed with anything to do with pedal power. All of our staff are cyclists through and through and have a wealth of experience ranging from road, mountain and cross country biking to velodrome and triathlon competitions.

Regardless of your discipline or level of experience we will help you find the bike that is perfect for you. We have hundreds of different models in our shop for you to try before you buy, however if you can’t find what you’re looking for in store our catalog offers a comprehensive list of everything we have to sell. All of our back-catalog models are kept in a safe and secure storage facility courtesy of our partners at Ablemove Wottons, so if you are looking to try one of them, we can arrange to have it delivered to the shop for just such a trail.

Whenever you order a bike for us we won’t just send you a box of metal scrap with a spanner and some instructions. All of our bikes are assembled and tested prior to delivery to ensure that everything is in full working order when it arrives on your doorstep.

We also provide a quality repairs service as well as one free tune up for every existing customer. Please feel free to get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page for further details.

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